Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Without You

I have fallen to earth with
A bump
But beneath my feet
This mother welcomes me to my new home

I am slowing down enough
To finally hear

The wisdom of balance.

White Butterfly

I pulled cards for you
And the butterfly faced me each and every time
With the truth of where you were going

A transformation
Not possible
With your feet on this ground
And your precious heart still beating

But I hoped so deeply
And I fought for you
As I always have
While you were busy
Loving me more as you let me go

You were unafraid and magnificent
No desire to leave us
But this was the only way
And so you saturated every moment with grace
Letting go
With a love that had already transcended
Its earthly prison

Beloved teacher

We are bereft
But your grace is our constant companion
And your love has magnified our hearts

We are moving slowly towards acceptance.

The Seal

Ripples spread out gently
On the soft blue skin
Of the river.

A sleek black head
Break the surface silently
Takes a breath
And leaves spiralling ripples
in his place.

I watch him with gratitude
And share his peaceful journey


We are all forgiven already
Every one of us for every thing
No exceptions.

This is the truth.

There is nothing to do but accept it.

When we truly understand this
We can grieve for all we have lost
We can spend time with the parts of ourselves
Which have become sick and twisted and unlovable

Listen to them
Give them what they need

Love them slowly back to health.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meditation Instructions 11.11.11

Take a comfortable upright posture.

If you are sitting on a chair then make sure you feet are flat on the floor.

If you are sitting on the floor make sure your knees are lower than your hips.

Use as many cushions as you need for this.

Close your eyes and rest your hands palms up in your lap or in chin mudra, with your thumb and forefinger touching.

Now bring your awareness to the sound of the breath

Take notice of the sound the breath makes as it enters the body

And the sound the breath makes as it leaves the body.

Concentrate on the slight whistling sound

Or the rise and fall of the chest

Or the slight tickling of the upper lip as the breath flows in and out of the nose.

Stay with it.

The mind is designed to fly from one place to the next

It is not necessary to clip any wings

Only to watch from a distance

And bring the foreground awareness

Back to the breath and to the strangely soothing

sounds and feelings

of the breath coming in

and the breath going out.

Now bring your awareness to the silent gap at the end of the in breath...

And that same silent gap at the end of the out breath…

Rest your awareness in that silent gap.

The mind may wander here and there

That’s okay

Just don’t follow it…

Keep bringing your awareness back

To the sound of the breath

And the silent gap between the in breath and the out breath.

Rest here.

Keep doing this for twenty minutes.

Now slowly bring your awareness back to your body and to the room.

Wriggle your fingers and your toes.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


you are now a meditator.

Please keep going…

1. The world needs you to.

2. It’s free.

3. That silent gap between the in breath and the out breath holds the answer to every question you have ever asked.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Towards Acceptance

Water changes the view in eight hourly intervals.

The river, for a while snakes along curvily, lazy

but soon the sea fills her

and she spills over rocks and engulfs the spit,

a landscape alive with lines of waves.

We are a team, you say,

The high and the low tide

each defining the landscape

with an image

that looks permanent

in shapshot -

endless eddies of give and take


You have taught me to have faith that even at the lowest tide,

the sea is only waiting for a chance to return.

And you are learning

To welcome the incoming tide

That threatens to wash away all you are.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sittee Sharifee

I’ve gotten used to sitting on this edge, waiting.
Your revelations come erratically and I am sometimes readywith a pen.
But mostly I wait.
I think I am scared of the sadness you felt.
Grateful for the generations between us, as your feelings still live in my bones.

When I drove into the mountains to our village in the Cedars, tears flowed from a place back behind everything. There are so many stories there.

Rip the veil sittee.
Inject me with the determination that took you from door todoor, day after day, mile after mile.
Fill me with your fearlessness, as you took the hands of strangers and wove for them a future brighter than they believed they deserved.
Lend me your ferociousness too.
A lineage of taking no prisoners. Village women, camped on their land, trees filled with fruit, their guns on their laps, on guard.
Arm me with your gun, Sittee, help me protect my space, so that I can bring your stories to the page.

Bless me with time in silence, enough that I can wallow in nothingness until something beautiful emerges.
And if this place cannot be found again because of the beautiful boys who have rearranged me, then give me the grace to be able to find those words in moments snatched, in time between time, in the space either side of the needs of others.